Weltgespräche - Felicitas Hoppes Pigafetta und Christoph Ransmayrs Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes

Translated title of the contribution: World talk - Felicitas Hoppes Pigafetta and Christoph Ransmayrs Atlas of an anxious man

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What is the world, or how does it present itself? And are we facing the world or are we always included in it? For this purpose, the travel description has to behave incessantly and again differently, because the one who captures the world can travel it. So, with the flimsy Portalon maps of the Middle Ages, they fumbled along the fringes of the Mediterranean, and down and down the African continent, always watching the fall over the edges of the earth. Keeping an eye on the polar, Kolumbu relied on Ptolemy, who had re-launched himself, and ventured away from the rulers across the great pond. And though Kolurnbus did not doubt the spherical shape of the earth, he brought Magellan with a fresh orbit around the world, and at the same time a new terror: the world halfway covered by an infinite ocean, twirls around its own acne, for only then In the static system of time-scheduling, the gain of one day in the case of a departure from east to west must be explained, and the necessity which now arises must of necessity be limited to a data limit. The Venetian Pigafetta, one of eighteen, who survived this first trip around the world and witnessed in his first autotelic trip around the world, turns into Felicitas Hoppe Roman Pigafetta the nighting partner of the kh-narrator. So you could put up with Pigafetra begins, finds a tentative ending point in Hoppe. Of course, Cook should not be left out of the question, because only with Cook one manages, that the earth is not balanced by opposing landmasses, and that with the time management instru- ments left, every point on the earth can be cartographed.
Translated title of the contributionWorld talk - Felicitas Hoppes Pigafetta and Christoph Ransmayrs Atlas of an anxious man
Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationDie Welt auf Deutsch
Subtitle of host publicationFremdenbilder und Selbstentwürfe in der deutschsprachigen Literatur und Kultur
EditorsAndrea Bandhauer, Tristan Lay, Yixu Lü, Peter Morgan
Place of PublicationNorth Melbourne
PublisherAustralian Scholarly Publishing
Number of pages16
ISBN (Print)9781925801354
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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