Welt-Sein in Wahn-Welten - Thomas Melles Die Welt im Rücken

Translated title of the contribution: World-being in delusion worlds: Thomas Melles the World in the move

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The classic world citizen of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries does not find his homeland in a captivating, microscopic homeland, but opens himself to a social and state-encompassing, unshaken, macroscopic earth-space. Such a cosmopolitanism still sees itself as being in an expanded political, social and cultural world that remains normative and rational. 1 The cosmopolitan is the author who thinks of the close relationship between blood relatives and state citizenship, and who respects men in their many and varied ways (see Appiah, 13), or the one who in the sense of by Peter Sloterdijk, in the context of a terrestrial (or geographical) globalization. The subject of the late 20th and early 21st centuries inevitably places itself far more radically in relation to the world than the classical cosmopolitan, since in the digital age, or, as Sloterdijk says, in a "telecommunicative" globalization (Sloterdijk, 20) At any time and everywhere, the pronounced politico-moral accent of the revival-minded world debate is lost for the most part.The world itself is virtually always very close, and this incessant, non-divisive exchange, the possibility of a lasting, world-spanning conversation, sets However, centrifugal forces free, the acceleration and fragmentation and ultimately the disintegration of the conceptual entity "subject" condition. The individual is always affected by this incessant grain communication in a global and medial world. Perhaps in the 21st century this modern subject will in fact become the "creator of the cosmos" (Appiah, 12), so that it enters exactly into the contradiction that the cynic of the vienna century, Diogenes of Sinope, in this term forrnulierte, i. man is no longer Tei! It is, as Kwame Anthony Appiah puts it, a member of a "global tribe" (Appiah, 11). Cosmopolitanism, it could be said, negotiates the classification tendencies of the Subject of a social space, whereby the extension or crossing of formerly established borders is positive.
Translated title of the contributionWorld-being in delusion worlds: Thomas Melles the World in the move
Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationKosmopolitische Gedankenwelten
EditorsAlison Lewis, Katie Sutton, Christiane Weller
Place of PublicationWürzburg Germany
PublisherVerlag Königshausen & Neumann
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ISBN (Print)9783826066504
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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