What are the research priorities for optimising the safe and effective use of opioids in Australian general practice?

Monica Jung, Helena Cangadis-Douglass, Suzanne Nielsen, Samanta Lalic, Malcolm Dobbin, Grant Russell, Pallavi Prathivadi, Pene Wood, Elizabeth Manias, Cik Y. Lee, Carolyn Arnold, Megan Kuleas, Jennifer L. Schumann, Jenni Ilomäki, J. Simon Bell

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Introduction: Persistent high rates of prescription opioid use and harms remain a concern in Australia, Europe and North America. Research priority setting can inform the research agenda, strategic responses and evidence-based interventions. The objective of this study was to establish research priorities related to the safe and effective use of prescription opioids in general practice. Methods: Consumers, clinicians and policy makers were invited to participate in a structured consensus workshop in May 2021. A modified nominal group technique was used to explore research priorities for the safe and effective use of opioids in Australian general practice. Research priorities were identified, consolidated and prioritised using a structured process. Results: Seventeen consumer, medical, pharmacy, nursing, allied health and policy participants generated 26 consolidated priorities across three domains: (i) consumer-focused priorities; (ii) clinician and practice-focused priorities; and (iii) system and policy-focused priorities. The highest ranked research priorities in each of the domains were consumer characteristics that influence opioid prescribing and outcomes, opioid deprescribing strategies, and system-level barriers to prescribing alternatives to opioids, in the consumer, clinician and practice, and system and policy domains, respectively. Discussion and Conclusion: The priorities reflect opportunities for research priority setting within Australian general practice. The priorities provide a map for future qualitative and quantitative research that will inform safe and effective opioid prescribing.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)604-613
Number of pages10
JournalDrug and Alcohol Review
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2023


  • Australia
  • consensus
  • general practice
  • opioid
  • research

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