Weak products and Hausdorff locales

Peter Johnstone, Shuhao Sun

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It is well known that one of the salient differences between the category of locales and that of spaces is that the notions of product in the two categories do not coincide: that is, if X and Y are spaces, with open-set lattices Ω(X) and Ω(Y), the locale product Ω(X) xl Ω(Y) is in general different from Ω(X x Y).  (Note: here and throughout the paper, our notation relating to locales is taken from [5].) In this paper, we introduce a construction which goes some way towards "reconciling" this difference: specifically, we show that the assignment (Ω(X),  Ω(Y)) → Ω(X x Y) is the restriction to spatial locales of a symmetric monoidal structure defined on the whole category of locales (which we denote by (A,B) → A⊗B, and call the weak product structure), such that A⊗B is (naturally) a dense sublocale of A x1 B for any A and B. (There is also an infinitary version of ⊗, which we shall define although we shall not investigate its properties in any great detail.)  Consideration of the extent to which ⊗ differs from the categorical product leads us to introduce anew class of "weakly spatial" locales, which forms the largest (coreflective) subcategory of Loc on which the restriction of ⊗ yields the categorical product; thanks to a recent example of Kriz and Pultr, we know that it is strictly larger than the class of spatial locales.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCategorical Algebra and its Applications
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EditorsFrancis Borceux
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Publication statusPublished - 1988

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