Ultrathin water-stable metal-organic framework membranes for ion separation

Meipeng Jian, Ruosang Qiu, Yun Xia, Jun Lu, Yu Chen, Qinfen Gu, Ruiping Liu, Chengzhi Hu, Jiuhui Qu, Jiuhui Qu, Huanting Wang, Xiwang Zhang

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Owing to the rich porosity and uniform pore size, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) offer substantial advantages over other materials for the precise and fast membrane separation. However, achieving ultrathin water-stable MOF membranes remains a great challenge. Here, we first report the successful exfoliation of two-dimensional (2D) monolayer aluminum tetra-(4-carboxyphenyl) porphyrin framework (termed Al-MOF) nanosheets. Ultrathin water-stable Al-MOF membranes are assembled by using the exfoliated nanosheets as building blocks. While achieving a water flux of up to 2.2 mol m-2 hour-1 bar-1, the obtained 2D Al-MOF laminar membranes exhibit rejection rates of nearly 100% on investigated inorganic ions. The simulation results confirm that intrinsic nanopores of the Al-MOF nanosheets domain the ion/water separation, and the vertically aligned aperture channels are the main transport pathways for water molecules.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberEAAY3998
Number of pages10
JournalScience Advances
Issue number23
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jun 2020

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