Ultrafine-grained aluminium alloys: Processes, structural features and properties

Yuri Estrin, M Murashkin, Ruslan Valiev

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This chapter provides a review of the processing techniques based on severe plastic deformation (SPD), namely high pressure torsion and equal channel angular pressing, as applied to age-hardenable and non age-hardenable Al alloys. The unusual mechanical properties of the Al alloys obtained by the various SPD methods considered are presented in terms of the ultrafine-grained microstructure and segregation/precipitation formation in the alloys produced. The outlined 'portrait' of the Al alloys whose microstructure has been modified by SPD also includes such features as very high strength, fatigue resistance and tensile ductility. Finally, the potential of SPD processing techniques for developing marketable Al products with improved properties is discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFundamentals of Aluminium Metallurgy
Subtitle of host publicationProduction, Processing and Applications
EditorsRoger N Lumley
Place of PublicationUK
PublisherWoodhead Publishing Limited
Number of pages36
ISBN (Electronic)9780857090256
ISBN (Print)9781845696542
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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Estrin, Y., Murashkin, M., & Valiev, R. (2011). Ultrafine-grained aluminium alloys: Processes, structural features and properties. In R. N. Lumley (Ed.), Fundamentals of Aluminium Metallurgy: Production, Processing and Applications (pp. 468-503). Woodhead Publishing Limited. https://doi.org/10.1533/9780857090256.2.468