U-Pb ages constraining structural development of an Archean terrane boundary in the Lake of the Woods area, western Superior Province, Canada

M Melnyk, D W Davis, Alexander Cruden, R Stern

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Layered gneisses in the Winnipeg River subprovince contain magmatic zircon with U-Pb ages of 3317 +/- 9 and 3055 +/- 4 Ma at Tannis Lake, and similar to 3170 and 3255 +/- 5 Ma at Cedar Lake, indicating widespread occurrence of Mesoarchean crust. This is in contrast to the well-documented Neoarchean age of the western Wabigoon subprovince. Further geochronology using both SHRIMP (sensitive high resolution ion microprobe) and ID-TIMS (isotope dilution thermal ionization mass spectrometry), combined with structural observations, in the Kenora area and Lake of the Woods greenstone belt show the effects of juxtaposition of these two terranes. Isoclinally folded gneiss north of the subprovince boundary zone near Kenora gives a magmatic age of 2882 +/- 2 Ma with 3051 +/- 6 Ma inheritance. Ages of syntectonic dykes show that asymmetric refolding of these gneisses occurred between 2717 +/- 2 and about 2713 +/- 1 Ma. Subsequent regional vertical flattening and horizontal extension are dated at 2708 +/- 2 Ma by syntectonic tonalite sheets. These events are broadly coeval with deposition of orogenic sediments in the Warclub Group and a first stage of regional folding (age brackets of 2716-2709 Ma) in the Lake of the Woods greenstone belt to the south. A second stage of folding and regional faulting in the greenstone belt occurred about 2695 +/- 4 Ma and is approximately coeval with open upright folding in the Winnipeg River subprovince. These observations are consistent with overthrusting and collapse of a Mesoarchean continental terrane by a juvenile Neoarchean arc terrane over the time span 2717-2695 Ma.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)967 - 993
Number of pages27
JournalCanadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2006
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