Trends in lung volume reduction surgery in Australia

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Lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) has been performed in Australia since 1995. It has the potential to improve lung function, exercise performance and quality of life in highly selected patients with severe emphysema. The Australian and New Zealand ( ANZ) LVRS database was established in 1997 to monitor clinical outcomes of surgery. AIMS: To describe changes in the practice of LVRS in Australia between 1996 and 1999. METHODS: Data as collected from 333 patients from 10 centres in Australia who underwent LVRS in the period 1996 to 1999. Preoperative demographics, physiological measures, surgical and post-operative variables and survival outcomes were analysed. RESULTS: There was little change in the types of patients selected for LVRS having a mean age of 62.4 ±1.25 years, pre-operative FEVj 28.4% - 0.9% and predominantly apical disease. There was an increase in pre-operative mean PaCOi from 40mmHg in 1996 to 43.6mmHg in 1999 p0.05. While the midline approach continued to be most used (61%) overall there was an increase in the proportion of thoractomies in 1999. Bovine pericardium remained the most common reinforcement technique (75%) overall with an increase in the use of gortex in 1999. Bilateral surgery was performed 96% of the time until 1999 where there w-as an increase in the proportion of single procedures ( 12%). There was no change in the severity of post-operative complications. Length of stay (LOS) decreased from 14.9 days in 1996 to 12.7days in 1999 p0.111. There was no definite trends in 30 and 90 day survival post LVRS. CONCLUSIONS: LVRS continues to be widely performed in Australia. In terms of broad patient demographics and physiological variables, case selection has not changed significantly over time. Although LOS has decreased with experience, this has not translated to an alteration in morbidity and mortality.

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