Thomas, Lucy and Henry Lasher Gardner, opposite St Clement's Church in the Strand, 1739-1805

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The following essay was written with the intention of expanding the information available on Thomas Gardner, his wife Lucy and son Henry Lasher, a family of printer-publishers who ran their business opposite St. Clement s Church in the Strand from 1739 to 1805. Thomas Gardner (ca. 1712-1765) was a relatively minor printer-publisher with a modest stock of ornaments who appears to have printed only a few hundred items over a thirty-year career, most of them pamphlets, serial publications, or short books. Little is known about Thomas, and even less about his family; he has attracted only a modest amount of scholarly attention and probably his greatest claims to fame are as the publisher of Richard Rolt and Christopher Smart s The Universal Visitor (1756), and as the printer and publisher of most of Eliza Haywood s later, and most highly-regarded, works, including both The Female Spectator (17441746) and The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless (1751).
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