The survey: flourishing or languishing?

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Two key findings emerged from The Wellbeing of Architects project survey:
that the wellbeing of Australian architectural workers is substantially lower than that of the general working population; and that, rather than flourishing, this community can best be described as languishing. In designing the survey, we drew upon self-determination theory, which links a sense of wellbeing to individual motivation and the satisfaction of “basic psychological needs” – namely, the need for autonomy (a sense of willingness and volition), relatedness (a sense of being bonded, connected and significant to others), and competence (a feeling of being capable and able to effectively fulfil tasks).1 This framework, which has a strong focus on both wellness and agency, along with the conditions that either facilitate or inhibit these experiences, is particularly salient for The Wellbeing of Architects project, given the high level of creativity and professional autonomy in architectural work.
Original languageEnglish
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Specialist publicationArchitecture Australia
PublisherArchitecture Media
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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