The small-scale turbulent dynamo in smoothed particle magnetohydrodynamics

T S Tricco, D J Price, C Federrath

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Supersonic turbulence is believed to be at the heart of star formation. We have performed smoothed particle magnetohydrodynamics (SPMHD) simulations of the small- scale dynamo amplification of magnetic fields in supersonic turbulence. The calculations use isothermal gas driven at rms velocity of Mach 10 so that conditions are representative of starforming molecular clouds in the Milky Way. The growth of magnetic energy is followed for 10 orders in magnitude until it reaches saturation, a few percent of the kinetic energy. The results of our dynamo calculations are compared with results from grid-based methods, finding excellent agreement on their statistics and their qualitative behaviour. The simulations utilise the latest algorithmic developments we have developed, in particular, a new divergence cleaning approach to maintain the solenoidal constraint on the magnetic field and a method to reduce the numerical dissipation of the magnetic shock capturing scheme. We demonstrate that our divergence cleaning method may be used to achieve ∇ • B = 0 to machine precision, albeit at significant computational expense.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationASTRONUM-2015
EditorsEdouard Audit, Nikolai V. Pogorelov, Gary P. Zank
PublisherIOP Publishing
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 31 May 2016
EventAnnual International Conference on Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM) 2015 - Le Centre des Congrès, Avignon, France
Duration: 8 Jun 201512 Jun 2015
Conference number: 10

Publication series

NameJournal of Physics: Conference Series
PublisherIOP Publishing
ISSN (Print)1742-6588
ISSN (Electronic)1742-6596


ConferenceAnnual International Conference on Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM) 2015
Abbreviated titleASTRONUM 2015
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Tricco, T. S., Price, D. J., & Federrath, C. (2016). The small-scale turbulent dynamo in smoothed particle magnetohydrodynamics. In E. Audit, N. V. Pogorelov, & G. P. Zank (Eds.), ASTRONUM-2015 [012003] (Journal of Physics: Conference Series; Vol. 719). IOP Publishing.