The Philosophy of Agamben

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Giorgio Agamben has gained widespread popularity in recent years for his rethinking of radical politics and his approach to meta-physics and language. However, the extraordinary breadth of historical, legal and philosophical sources which contribute to the complexity and depth of Agamben’s thinking can also make his work intimidating. Covering the full range of Agamben’s work, this critical introduction outlines Agamben’s key concerns: metaphysics, language and potentiality, aesthetics and poetics, sovereignty, law and biopolitics, ethics and testimony, and his powerful vision of completed humanity. Highlighting the novelty of Agamben’s approach while also situating it in relation to the work of other continental thinkers, The Philosophy of Agamben presents a clear and engaging introduction to the work of this original and influential thinker.

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PublisherAcumen Publishing
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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