The Infrastructure Governance Incubator: A research agenda in times of crises

Rebecca Clements, Tooran Alizadeh, Glen Searle, Crystal Legacy, Md. Kamruzzaman

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticleResearch


The COVID pandemic has cast a much-needed light onto infrastructure provision, but raises critical questions about our capacity to use the moment to support people and places and build sustainable and just futures. As we find ourselves facing complex challenges of wide-spread and urgent social need and disrupted economic patterns, governments have in part turned to infrastructure provision in an attempt to alleviate the impacts of the pandemic. This context has raised the stakes for Australian infrastructure planning, and the planning profession more broadly.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Specialist publicationNew Planner
PublisherPlanning Institute of Australia
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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