The Impact of Team Teaching and Blended Learning in Tertiary Music Education Classes: A Reflective Journey

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    The nature of teaching within the tertiary education system is gradually changing due to the provision of more advanced technology, the targeted use of on-line learning, student flexible learning expectations and the pressures of faculty budgets. Hence, more innovative approaches to teaching and learning are required. In response to these changes, an action research project has been implemented, investigating the impact of a blended learning process within tertiary music education classes. As part of this blended learning approach the researchers have been incorporating a team teaching strategy over a two year period; an approach in which both the teaching preparation and the classroom teaching are shared.
    The research methodology of this project is founded in action research, but also includes elements of a mixed method approach. Cycles one and two of this project, as determined by the action research model used, have been completed. Both cycles incorporated a student survey which was implemented prior to the beginning of the team teaching experience and then again at the end of the semester. In addition, student assessments and work engaged with throughout the semester were used to track learning progress. Both observations and the researchers’ journals, which incorporate meeting and discussion notes, were used to further triangulate this data. Therefore, the data collection included both quantitative and qualitative data. Having completed two surveys with two separate cohorts of student participants, a reflective process is now in progress as a precursor to the implementation of the next cycle of data collection. This paper will report on the overall progress of this research project and provide a
    reflection on the data collected thus far from two cycles with a focus on the student survey data. The researchers will reflect on how the blended learning and team teaching approach has affected the planning, content and delivery of teaching and learning material.
    The data collected thus far has suggested that the team teaching approach has been well received by the student cohorts and that it is a preferred method of classroom delivery. Some of the benefits cited are the extra teaching assistance provided in class and the different perspectives presented. In addition, the data and the experience of the researchers/lecturers have also suggested that the relationship between the two researchers/ lecturers is a crucial part of the success of the team teaching approach. It is hoped that a tertiary music education teaching and learning model can be developed from this research.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2014
    Event31st ISME WORLD CONFERENCE ON MUSIC EDUCATION : Listening to the musical diversity of the world - Porto Alegre, Brazil
    Duration: 20 Jul 201425 Jul 2014


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