The Ha locus of wheat: Identification of a polymorphic region for tracing grain hardness in crosses

M. Turner, Y. Mukai, P. Leroy, B. Charef, R. Appels, S. Rahman

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The grain softness proteins or friabilins are known to be composed of three main components: puroindoline a, puroindoline b, and GSP-1. cDNAs for GSP-1 have previously been mapped to group-5 chromosomes and their location on chromosome 5D is closely linked to the grain hardness (Ha) locus of hexaploid wheat. A genomic DNA clone containing the GSP-1 gene (wGSP1-A1) from hexaploid wheat has been identified by fluorescent in situ hybridization as having originated from the distal end of the short arm of chromosome 5A. A genomic clone containing the gene (wGSP1-D1) was also isolated from Aegilops tauschii, the donor of the D genome to bread wheat. There are no introns in the GSP-1 genes, and there is high sequence identity between wGSP1-A1 and wGSP1-D1 up to 1 kb 5' and 300 bp 3' to wGSP1-D1. However, regions further upstream and downstream of wGSP1-D1 share no significant sequence identity to corresponding sequences in wGSP1-A1. These regions therefore identified potentially valuable sequences for tracing the Ha locus through assaying polymorphic DNA sequences. The sequence from 300 to 500 bp 3' to wGSP1-D1 (wGSP1-D13) was mapped to the Ha locus in a mapping population, wGSP1-D13 was also tightly linked to genes for puroindoline a and puroindoline b which have been previously mapped to be at the Ha locus. In addition wGSP1-D13 was used to detect RFLPs between near isogenic soft and hard Falcon lines and in a random selection of soft and hard wheats.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1242-1250
Number of pages9
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1999
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  • Chromosome 5
  • Grain hardness
  • GSP-1
  • Puroindoline
  • Wheat

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