The global lung initiative 2012 reference values reflect contemporary Australasian spirometry

Graham Hall, Bruce R Thompson, Sanja Stanojevic, Michael John Abramson, Richard Beasley, Andrew Coates, Annette Dent, Brenton Eckert, Alan James, Sue Filsell, B Musk, Gary Nolan, Barbara Dixon, Chris O'Dea, Jenni Savage, Janet Stocks, Maureen P Swanney

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We aimed to ascertain the fit of the European Respiratory Society Global Lung Initiative 2012 reference ranges to contemporary Australasian spirometric data. Z-scores for spirometry from Caucasian subjects aged 4-80 years were calculated. The mean (SD) Z-scores were 0.23 (1.00) for forced expirtory volume in 1 s (FEV1), 0.23 (1.00) for forced vital capacity (FVC), -0.03 (0.87) for FEV1/FVC and 0.07 (0.95) for forced expiratory flows between 25 and 75 of FVC. These results support the use of the Global Lung Initiative 2012 reference ranges to interpret spirometry in Caucasian Australasians.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1150 - 1151
Number of pages2
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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