The cultural dimension of peace operations: Peacekeeping and cultural property

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Deteriorated living conditions of the world endangers humanity's survival and the peace in the world. Human beings whose living conditions have been deteriorated in a way that they cannot fulfil their primary needs (based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs) can look for different options (including war) to have access to the scarce resources vital for their survival. Peace can be sustained through sustainability. For this reason, global leadership initiatives on sustainability are required for the proactive conflict resolution and for the proactive peace building among the countries. This chapter aims to introduce the global sustainability leadership as a key for the peace in the word. With this aim, the chapter covers the following topics: Need for sustainability and sustainable development; role of the sustainability in the peace of the world; ways of enhancing sustainability performance of the world; and need for the global leadership initiatives for sustainability movement and role of the global leadership in the proactive conflict resolution and peace building.

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Title of host publicationGlobal Leadership Initiatives in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding
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  • cultural property
  • peace operations

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