The assessment of some cobalt and cobalt-tellurium complexes for MOCVD applications

Ronald Stanley Dickson, Ping Yin, Mingzhe Ke, Julian Johnson, Glen B. Deacon

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Eleven cobalt complexes of the types [Co(CO)2(NO)L](L = PEt3, TeMe2 or TeEt2) and [(η3-C3H3R2)Co(CO) 2L](R = H or Me; L = CO, PEt3, TeEt2 or CNR′ with R′ = Pri, But or Cy; Cy is cyclohexyl) have been prepared and assessed for MOCVD applications. Measurement of vapour pressures by the Knudson effusion method has established that the room-temperature volatilities of [Co(CO)2(NO)(TeMe2)], and the allyl complexes [(η3-C3H5)Co(CO)3],[(η 3-C3H4Me)Co(CO)3],[(η 3-C3H3Me2)Co(CO)3] and [(η3-C3H5)Co(CO)2(CNBu t)] are sufficient (0.1-4.0 mmHg) to achieve high concentrations in the vapour state. Vapour-phase thermal degradation at 180-250°C of seven complexes carried in a stream of hydrogen gave metal deposits, which were analysed by EDX or XPS. The best behaved complexes were [Co(CO)2(NO)(TeMe2)] and [(η3-C3H5)Co(CO)3], which gave clean Co films after decomposition at 150 and 250°C, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2237-2245
Number of pages9
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1996

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