Teacher educators' positionings of preservice teachers and self in the Australian TESOL education context

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This chapter examines how teacher educators involved in a TESOL education program at a university in Australia position their preservice teachers and relationally position themselves. The primary data include individual interviews with a TESOL specialist teacher educator and a practicum-focused teacher educator. A secondary source of data includes the TESOL education course map, course handbook and unit guides. These curriculum documents were analysed prior to the interviews to gain an insight into the program and the role of the two academic participants, which then informed the interviews. Qualitative content analysis revealed the teacher educators’ view on the learning needs of preservice TESOL teachers and the teacher educators’ role in meeting these needs. In her self-positioning, the TESOL specialist educator identified her role in developing the curriculum for TESOL education and supporting preservice teachers’ professional learning in both the coursework and practicum components. The practicum-focused teacher educator positioned herself as playing a key role in developing a practicum model that provides comprehensive support for preservice teachers during the practicum. However, both participants acknowledged the impact of situational constraints on their ability to perform some of their perceived responsibilities. The study suggests the need to support TESOL teacher educators in completing their roles and responsibilities for educating teachers in general and especially for meeting the professional learning needs of preservice teachers.

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Publication statusPublished - 2022

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