Synthesis, structural characterisation, and cytotoxicity studies of Bi, W, and Mo containing homo- And hetero-bimetallic polyoxometalates

Dimuthu C. Senevirathna, Melissa V. Werrett, Manja Kubeil, Holger Stephan, Philip C. Andrews

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Three new and different homo- and hetero-bimetallic polyoxometalate (POM) species have been synthesised by simple one-pot synthetic methods utilising naturally occurring bismite (Bi2O3) (or Bi(NO3)3·5H2O) and aryl sulfonic acids. The POM species isolated are (NH4)14[Bi2W22O76]·14H2O (1·14H2O), (NH4)[Bi(DMSO)7][Mo8O26]·H2O (2·H2O) and [(NH4)4(Mo36O108(OH)4·16H2O)]·45H2O (3·45H2O). The compounds have been characterised by X-ray crystallography, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX), powdered X-ray diffraction (PXRD), mass spectrometry (ESI-MS), Raman spectroscopy, thermogravimetric (TGA) and ICP analyis. In vitro cytoxicity and proliferation studies conducted on 1 and 3, highlight the low toxicity of these species.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)15962-15969
Number of pages8
JournalDalton Transactions
Issue number42
Publication statusPublished - 14 Nov 2019

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