Subvertical, linear and progressive deformation related to gold mineralization at the Galat Sufar South deposit, Nubian Shield, NE Sudan

Julien Perret, Aurélien Eglinger, Anne Sylvie André-Mayer, Laurent Aillères, Julien Feneyrol, Craig Hartshorne, Emmanuel Abanyin, Rémi Bosc

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The Galat Sufar South (GSS) gold deposit (Block 14, NE Sudan) is located within a complexly deformed zone at the junction between the Keraf Shear Zone and the Atmur-Delgo Suture, within the western portion of the Arabian-Nubian Shield (ANS). The combination of a petrographic and structural study of the gold mineralization at the GSS deposit, carried out at the μm-to tens of km-scale, allows the deciphering of the deformation history of this poorly documented area and provides insights on the geodynamic context favorable for gold mineralization in the northwesternmost Nubian Shield. Our study highlights that the GSS gold deposit recorded a polyphase deformation history dominated by an early, ductile-dominated, progressive deformation episode associated with the economic gold mineralization at GSS. It displays an atypical structural control by subvertical simple shearing evidenced by subvertical linear features (stretching lineation and potential sheath folding). The proposed multi-scale approach helps to correlate this subvertical, linear, progressive deformation event and the coeval economic gold mineralization with the early N-trending compressive tectonics related to the Atmur-Delgo suturing.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104032
Number of pages24
JournalJournal of Structural Geology
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2020


  • Arabian-Nubian Shield
  • Galat Sufar South gold deposit
  • Multi-scale deformation
  • Progressive vs multiphase deformation

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