Structural behavior of fibrous-ferrocement panel subjected to flexural and impact loads

Gunasekaran Murali, Mugahed Amran, Roman Fediuk, Nikolai Vatin, Sudharshan N. Raman, Gundu Maithreyi, Arunachalam Sumathi

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    Ferrocement panels, while offering various benefits, do not cover instances of low and moderated velocity impact. To address this problem and to enhance the impact strength against low-velocity impact, a fibrous ferrocement panel is proposed and investigated. This study aims to assess the flexural and low-velocity impact response of simply supported ferrocement panels reinforced with expanded wire mesh (EWM) and steel fibers. The experimental program covered 12 different ferrocement panel prototypes and was tested against a three-point flexural load and falling mass impact test. The ferrocement panel system comprises mortar reinforced with 1% and 2% dosage of steel fibers and an EWM arranged in 1, 2, and 3 layers. For mortar preparation, a water-cement (w/c) ratio of 0.4 was maintained and all panels were cured in water for 28 days. The primary endpoints of the investigation are first crack and ultimate load capacity, deflection corresponding to first crack and ultimate load, ductility index, flexural strength, crack width at ultimate load, a number of impacts needed to induce crack commencement and failure, ductility ratio, and failure mode. The finding revealed that the three-layers of EWM inclusion and steel fibers resulted in an additional impact resistance improvement at cracking and failure stages of ferrocement panels. With superior ultimate load capacity, flexural strength, crack resistance, impact resistance, and ductile response, as witnessed in the experiment program, ferrocement panel can be a positive choice for many construction applications subjected to repeated low-velocity impacts.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number5648
    Number of pages22
    Issue number24
    Publication statusPublished - 11 Dec 2020


    • Crack width
    • Failure mode
    • Ferrocement
    • Fiber
    • Flexure
    • Impact
    • Mesh

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