Spirituality across Disciplines: Research and Practice

Marian de Souza, Jane Bone, Jacqueline Watson

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    This book collects multiple disciplinary voices which explore current research and perspectives to discuss how spirituality is understood, interpreted and applied in a range of contexts. It addresses spirituality in combination with such topics as Christian mysticism, childhood and adolescent education, midwifery, and sustainability. It links spirituality to a variety of disciplines, including cognitive neuroscience, sociology, and psychology. Finally, it discusses the application of spirituality within the context of social work, teaching, health care, and occupational therapy. A final chapter provides an analytical discussion of the different voices that appear in the book and offers a holistic description of spirituality which has the potential to bring some unity to the meaning, expression and practice of spirituality across a variety of disciplines as well as across cultural, religious and secular worldviews.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationCham Switzerland
    Number of pages352
    ISBN (Electronic)9783319313801
    ISBN (Print)9783319313788
    Publication statusPublished - 2016


    • Early childhood education and spirituality
    • Environmental issues and spirituality
    • Interdisciplinary approaches to spirituality
    • Mysticism and spirituality
    • Social spirituality
    • Spiritual wellbeing
    • Spirituality and the arts
    • Spirituality and the shadow
    • Spirituality in business
    • Spirituality in cutural studies psychology
    • Spirituality in education
    • Spirituality in environment
    • Spirituality in health
    • Spirituality in health and social care
    • Spirituality in social work
    • Spirituality in sustainability and cultural studies
    • Spirituality in theology

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