Servicing elite interests: elite education in post-neoliberal Argentina

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This chapter provides an overview of private and elite schooling in Buenos Aires as it has developed over the past decade or so. It also indicates how local scholars are beginning to discuss the schooling of elites in Argentina. The analysis it provides is not exhaustive, but rather plots the educational landscape with specific attention to elite education and one school in particular. In Argentinian elite education there is a specific private school domain that caters to the entrepreneurial or other economic elites. Education plays a central role in the history of Argentina’s national project. Like many new nations forged in the revolutions of the early nineteenth century, the need to ‘make’ citizens was well understood by its founders. Argentina’s schooling complex process became especially important when the relatively new nation found itself inundated with hopeful migrants from around Southern and Central Europe who were often unskilled and illiterate.

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