Scalable single-crystalline organic 1D arrays for image sensor

Yuchen Qiu, Yuyan Zhao, Hanfei Gao, Yingjie Zhao, Jingyuan Zhang, Bo Zhang, Jiangang Feng, Lei Jiang, Yuchen Wu

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Optoelectronic applications of organic semiconductors demand single-crystalline structures with long-range order and suppressed defects for sustaining efficient carrier transport and long photocarrier lifetime, which are pivotal in photodetection, photovoltaic, and light emission. For integrated devices, an additional requirement of precise patterning is imposed, whereas the patterning of single-crystalline organic microstructures is still challenging because the molecular stacking is easily perturbed by disordered fluids in microdroplets. Herein, a capillary-bridge lithography is developed for driving the directional transport of capillary flows to control the confined crystallization of organic 1D single-crystalline arrays with aligned positioning and pure orientation. Through tuning the concentration and pressure, the size of organic 1D arrays in three dimensions can be controlled with 2.9–5.8 µm in width and 1.2 µm to 110 nm in height. Organic 1D array photodetectors exhibit a stable performance with on/off ratio of 180 and responsivity of 4.99 mA W−1. Based on the scalable fabrication of 1D array photodetectors, 20 × 20 multiplexed image sensors with high accuracy are demonstrated for capturing the light signals of capital letter “A,” “B,” and “C.” This research will open opportunities for the large-scale fabrication of organic single-crystalline semiconductors toward the integrated optoelectronic modules.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2100332
Number of pages9
Issue number21
Publication statusPublished - 27 May 2021
Externally publishedYes


  • image sensor
  • organic 1D arrays
  • photodetector
  • single crystal
  • size tailoring

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