Revised CMS global calorimeter trigger functionality & algorithms

G. Iles, J. Brooke, C. Foudas, R. Frazier, G. Hall, M. Hansen, M. Hansen, G. Heath, J. Jones, J. Nash, A. Rose, M. Stettler, A. Tapper

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The Global Calorimeter Trigger (GCT) is a device which uses data from the CMS calorimeters to search for jets, produce isolated and non-isolated electron lists and compute all the transverse and missing transverse energy sums used for the Level-1 trigger decision (L1A). GCT performs these functions by receiving and processing the data from the Regional Calorimeter Trigger (RCT) and transmitting a summary to the Global Trigger (GT) which computes the L1A decision. The GCT must also transmit a copy of the RCT and GCT data to the CMS DAQ. The vast amount of data received by the GCT (230 Gb/s) as well as the necessity for data sharing required by the jet finder impose severe constrains on the GCT design. This paper presents an overview of the revised design, in particular, the algorithms, data flow and associated latency within the revised GCT.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2007
Externally publishedYes
Event12th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and Future Experiments, LECC 2006 - Valencia, Spain
Duration: 25 Sept 200629 Sept 2006


Conference12th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and Future Experiments, LECC 2006

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