Review of Particle Physics

M. Tanabashi, K. Hagiwara, K. Hikasa, K. Nakamura, Y. Sumino, F. Takahashi, J. Tanaka, K. Agashe, G. Aielli, C. Amsler, M. Antonelli, D. M. Asner, H. Baer, Sw Banerjee, R. M. Barnett, T. Basaglia, C. W. Bauer, J. J. Beatty, V. I. Belousov, J. BeringerS. Bethke, A. Bettini, H. Bichsel, O. Biebel, K. M. Black, E. Blucher, O. Buchmuller, V. Burkert, M. A. Bychkov, R. N. Cahn, M. Carena, A. Ceccucci, A. Cerri, D. Chakraborty, M. C. Chen, R. S. Chivukula, G. Cowan, O. Dahl, G. D'Ambrosio, T. Damour, D. De Florian, A. De Gouvêa, T. Degrand, P. De Jong, G. Dissertori, B. A. Dobrescu, M. D'Onofrio, M. Doser, M. Drees, H. K. Dreiner, D. A. Dwyer, P. Eerola, S. Eidelman, J. Ellis, J. Erler, V. V. Ezhela, W. Fetscher, B. D. Fields, R. Firestone, B. Foster, A. Freitas, H. Gallagher, L. Garren, H. J. Gerber, G. Gerbier, T. Gershon, Y. Gershtein, T. Gherghetta, A. A. Godizov, M. Goodman, C. Grab, A. V. Gritsan, C. Grojean, D. E. Groom, M. Grünewald, A. Gurtu, T. Gutsche, H. E. Haber, C. Hanhart, S. Hashimoto, Y. Hayato, K. G. Hayes, A. Hebecker, S. Heinemeyer, B. Heltsley, J. J. Hernández-Rey, J. Hisano, A. Höcker, J. Holder, A. Holtkamp, T. Hyodo, K. D. Irwin, K. F. Johnson, M. Kado, M. Karliner, U. F. Katz, S. R. Klein, E. Klempt, R. V. Kowalewski, F. Krauss, M. Kreps, B. Krusche, Yu V. Kuyanov, Y. Kwon, O. Lahav, J. Laiho, J. Lesgourgues, A. Liddle, Z. Ligeti, C. J. Lin, C. Lippmann, T. M. Liss, L. Littenberg, K. S. Lugovsky, S. B. Lugovsky, A. Lusiani, Y. Makida, F. Maltoni, T. Mannel, A. V. Manohar, W. J. Marciano, A. D. Martin, A. Masoni, J. Matthews, U. G. Meißner, D. Milstead, R. E. Mitchell, K. Mönig, P. Molaro, F. Moortgat, M. Moskovic, H. Murayama, M. Narain, P. Nason, S. Navas, M. Neubert, P. Nevski, Y. Nir, K. A. Olive, S. Pagan Griso, J. Parsons, C. Patrignani, J. A. Peacock, M. Pennington, S. T. Petcov, V. A. Petrov, E. Pianori, A. Piepke, A. Pomarol, A. Quadt, J. Rademacker, G. Raffelt, B. N. Ratcliff, P. Richardson, A. Ringwald, S. Roesler, S. Rolli, A. Romaniouk, L. J. Rosenberg, J. L. Rosner, G. Rybka, R. A. Ryutin, C. T. Sachrajda, Y. Sakai, G. P. Salam, S. Sarkar, F. Sauli, O. Schneider, K. Scholberg, A. J. Schwartz, D. Scott, V. Sharma, S. R. Sharpe, T. Shutt, M. Silari, T. Sjöstrand, P. Skands, T. Skwarnicki, J. G. Smith, G. F. Smoot, S. Spanier, H. Spieler, C. Spiering, A. Stahl, S. L. Stone, T. Sumiyoshi, M. J. Syphers, K. Terashi, J. Terning, U. Thoma, R. S. Thorne, L. Tiator, M. Titov, N. P. Tkachenko, N. A. Törnqvist, D. R. Tovey, G. Valencia, R. Van De Water, N. Varelas, G. Venanzoni, L. Verde, M. G. Vincter, P. Vogel, A. Vogt, S. P. Wakely, W. Walkowiak, C. W. Walter, D. Wands, D. R. Ward, M. O. Wascko, G. Weiglein, D. H. Weinberg, E. J. Weinberg, M. White, L. R. Wiencke, S. Willocq, C. G. Wohl, J. Womersley, C. L. Woody, R. L. Workman, W. M. Yao, G. P. Zeller, O. V. Zenin, R. Y. Zhu, S. L. Zhu, F. Zimmermann, P. A. Zyla, J. Anderson, L. Fuller, V. S. Lugovsky, P. Schaffner

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The Review summarizes much of particle physics and cosmology. Using data from previous editions, plus 2,873 new measurements from 758 papers, we list, evaluate, and average measured properties of gauge bosons and the recently discovered Higgs boson, leptons, quarks, mesons, and baryons. We summarize searches for hypothetical particles such as supersymmetric particles, heavy bosons, axions, dark photons, etc. Particle properties and search limits are listed in Summary Tables. We give numerous tables, figures, formulae, and reviews of topics such as Higgs Boson Physics, Supersymmetry, Grand Unified Theories, Neutrino Mixing, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Cosmology, Particle Detectors, Colliders, Probability and Statistics. Among the 118 reviews are many that are new or heavily revised, including a new review on Neutrinos in Cosmology.

Starting with this edition, the Review is divided into two volumes. Volume 1 includes the Summary Tables and all review articles. Volume 2 consists of the Particle Listings. Review articles that were previously part of the Listings are now included in volume 1.

Original languageEnglish
Article number030001
Number of pages1898
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 17 Aug 2018

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