(Re)creating Home: The lived and gendered experiences of Tamil women in Sydney, Australia

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In Sri Lankan society, women’s stories are often marginalised and/or silenced, despite the insights into experiences of war and displacement these stories have. Gender plays a fundamental role in our understanding of war since it affects how past lived experiences become situated in everyday resettlement practices in the home. I present the stories of Anjali and Jayamala-two Tamil refugee women-through a gendered lens about the war and their everyday experiences of resettling and (re)creating home in Sydney, Australia. In this research, I walked through, and filmed, their homes as they shared their stories and histories. To understand the construction of their homes, I explore how Anjali and Jayamala’s stories revealed past and present lived experiences, emotions and practices, refracted through the material and symbolic spaces of their homes. The multilayered home and everyday practices remind us that memory, identity and place are tightly woven together, especially when implicated by conflict.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationA Sense of Viidu
Subtitle of host publicationThe (Re)creation of Home by the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in Australia
EditorsNiro Kandasamy, Nirukshi Perera, Charishma Ratnam
Place of PublicationGateway East Singapore
PublisherPalgrave Pivot
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)9789811513695
ISBN (Print)9789811513688
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • (re)creating home
  • Materiality
  • Memory
  • Refugees
  • Sydney
  • Tamil women

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