Public transport congestion relief measurement - a new framework and its impacts

Phuoc Quy Duy Nguyen, Graham Currie, William Young

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This study presents a new method that can be used to estimate the traffic congestion relief associated with urban public transport (PT). In order to calculate the impact of PT, it is assumed that a proportion of PT riders shift to car if PT service were to cease. As a result, the level of congestion on the highway network will increase because of the increase in the number of car trips. In this research, variation in the share of PT users switching to car is based on the traffic characteristics in each of Melbourne’s Local Government Areas (LGAs) explored. Four predictor factors affecting this parameter are presented in this paper. These are the share PT users who: (1) Park and Ride, (2) make long-distance PT trips, (3) have car available and (4) have a driving license. The major finding is that the share of mode shift to car when PT is removed is lower in inner areas and higher for regions further from the CBD. Further, by using the Victoria Integrated Transport Model (VITM), the level of congestion relief in Melbourne is compared for the “base” and “without PT” scenarios. The results show that when all modes of PT are removed, the diversion to private cars generates an additional 1,500 congested road links, an increase of over 40%. The results of the new methodology are compared to previous research which used a fixed share of mode shift (32.4%) for all trip ends. Congestion relief patterns differ significantly using the new method in inner and outer areas. Mapping using ArcGIS illustrates these findings. The new approach offers a more precise model for assessing the impact of PT on traffic congestion. The paper closes with suggestions for further methodology development.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAustralasian Transport Research Forum 2015 Proceedings
EditorsS Travis Waller, Hanna Grzybowska, Emily Moylan, Matthew Jones, Sherri Fields
Place of PublicationSydney NSW Australia
PublisherAustralasian Transport Research Forum
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2015
EventAustralasian Transport Research Forum 2015 - Sydney, Australia
Duration: 30 Sep 20152 Oct 2015
Conference number: 37th (Proceedings)


ConferenceAustralasian Transport Research Forum 2015
Abbreviated titleATRF 2015
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Nguyen, P. Q. D., Currie, G., & Young, W. (2015). Public transport congestion relief measurement - a new framework and its impacts. In S. T. Waller, H. Grzybowska, E. Moylan, M. Jones, & S. Fields (Eds.), Australasian Transport Research Forum 2015 Proceedings (pp. 1-15). Australasian Transport Research Forum.