Protein engineering of a stable and potent anti-inflammatory IL-37-Fc fusion with enhanced therapeutic potential

Alexander Bujotzek, Georg Tiefenthaler, Laurent Lariviere, Laura D'Andrea, Elsa A. Marquez, Ina Rudloff, Steven Cho, Nadia Deen, Wolfgang Richter, Franziska Regenass-Lechner, Alexander Poehler, James Whisstock, Jasmin Sydow-Anderson, Xaver Reiser, Sabine Schuster, Jeannette Neubauer, Sebastian Hoepfl, Kirsten Richter, Marcel Nold, Claudia Nold-PetryFelix Schumacher, Andrew M. Ellisdon

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

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