Properties of a blend of poly(phenylene ether) with a liquid-crystalline polymer

D. E. Turek, G. P. Simon, C. Tiu, O. Tiek-Siang, E. Kosior

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Blends of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer with poly(phenylene ether) are investigated in the melt and solid state. Melt flow properties are examined using a number of different flow regimes - ranging from simple shear to flows with an extensional component. The blends are shown to be largely immiscible in the molten state, with the addition of liquid-crystalline polymer reducing the blend viscosity. This viscosity reduction is seen to be more effective in the case of flows that contain an extensional flow history. The morphology associated with these blends is oriented liquid-crystalline polymer fibrils suspended in a poly(phenylene ether) matrix. Thermal and mechanical analysis indicates that the two polymers are practically immiscible in the solid state with the possibility of slight intermixing. Crystallization data indicates that the presence of the LCP phase may encourage crystallinity of the poly(phenylene ether) phase.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4322-4330
Number of pages9
Issue number20
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1992


  • immiscible blends
  • liquid-crystalline polymer
  • mechanical properties
  • polymer blends
  • rheology

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