Primary analysis of a phase II open-label trial of INCB039110, a selective JAK1 inhibitor, in patients with myelofibrosis

John O. Mascarenhas, Moshe Talpaz, Vikas Gupta, Lynda M. Foltz, Michael R. Savona, Ronald L Paquette, A. Robert Turner, Paul Coughlin, Elliott F Winton, Timothy C. Burn, Peter O'Neill, Jason Vt Clark, Deborah S Hunter, Albert Assad, Ronald Hoffman, Srdan Verstovsek

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Combined Janus kinase 1 (JAK1) and JAK2 inhibition therapy effectively reduces splenomegaly and symptom burden related to myelofibrosis but is associated with dose-dependent anemia and thrombocytopenia. In this open-label phase II study, we evaluated the efficacy and safety of three dose levels of INCB039110, a potent and selective oral JAK1 inhibitor, in patients with intermediate- or high-risk myelofibrosis and a platelet count ≥50×109/L. Of 10, 45, and 32 patients enrolled in the 100 mg twice-daily, 200 mg twice-daily, and 600 mg once-daily cohorts, respectively, 50.0%, 64.4%, and 68.8% completed week 24. A ≥50% reduction in total symptom score was achieved by 35.7% and 28.6% of patients in the 200 mg twice-daily cohort and 32.3% and 35.5% in the 600 mg once-daily cohort at week 12 (primary end point) and 24, respectively. By contrast, two patients (20%) in the 100 mg twice-daily cohort had ≥50% total symptom score reduction at weeks 12 and 24. For the 200 mg twice-daily and 600 mg once-daily cohorts, the median spleen volume reductions at week 12 were 14.2% and 17.4%, respectively. Furthermore, 21/39 (53.8%) patients who required red blood cell transfusions during the 12 weeks preceding treatment initiation achieved a ≥50% reduction in the number of red blood cell units transfused during study weeks 1-24. Only one patient discontinued for grade 3 thrombocytopenia. Non-hematologic adverse events were largely grade 1 or 2; the most common was fatigue. Treatment with INCB039110 resulted in clinically meaningful symptom relief, modest spleen volume reduction, and limited myelosuppression.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)327-335
Number of pages9
JournalHaematologica: the hematology journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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Mascarenhas, J. O., Talpaz, M., Gupta, V., Foltz, L. M., Savona, M. R., Paquette, R. L., Turner, A. R., Coughlin, P., Winton, E. F., Burn, T. C., O'Neill, P., Clark, J. V., Hunter, D. S., Assad, A., Hoffman, R., & Verstovsek, S. (2017). Primary analysis of a phase II open-label trial of INCB039110, a selective JAK1 inhibitor, in patients with myelofibrosis. Haematologica: the hematology journal, 102(2), 327-335.