Preparation, acyl migration and applications of the acylglycerols and their isomers: a review

Yilin Mao, Yee Ying Lee, Xiaodong Xie, Yong Wang, Zhen Zhang

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Acylglycerols in natural oils includes monoacylglycerols (MAG), diacylglycerols (DAG) and triacylglycerols (TAG). Each acylglycerol possesses different isomers, which results in variation in physicochemical and nutritional properties that can be used in various applications. Acyl migration is a spontaneous reaction involving the transition of acylglycerols into more stable isomers. Inhibition of acyl migration is beneficial for the application of different acylglycerol isomers. Whilst, the promotion of acyl migration positively impacts the synthesis of acylglycerols, altering the properties and improving the stability of the lipid system. Few studies have been performed recently on the synthesis of various acylglycerol isomers and the approach to control the acyl migration of acylglycerols. This paper discusses the preparation of acylglycerols isomers, the factors influencing acyl migration and the application of the isomers of acylglycerols, which is important for expanding the use of different isomeric acylglycerols as functional foods.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105616
Number of pages13
JournalJournal of Functional Foods
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2023


  • Acyl migration
  • Application
  • Enzymatic modification
  • Isomers
  • Structured lipid
  • Synthesis

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