Predictors of quitting attempts among tobacco users in Bangladesh after a communication campaign to launch graphic warning labels on packaging

Tahir Turk, Fiona Newton, Sohel Choudhury, Md Shafiqul Islam

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Background. Tobacco use contributes to an estimated 14.6% of male and 5.7% of female deaths in Bangladesh. Aims. We examine the determinants of tobacco-related quit attempts among Bangladeshis with and without awareness of the synergized “People Behind the Packs” (PBTP) communication campaign used to support the introduction of pack-based graphic warning labels (GWLs) in 2016. Method. Data from 1,796 adults were collected using multistage sampling and a cross-sectional face-to-face survey. Analyses used a normalized design weight to ensure representativeness to the national population of smokers within Bangladesh. Results. For the overall sample, the multivariable logistic regression model revealed quit attempts were associated with having seen the pack-based GWLs, recalling ≥1 PBTP campaign message, higher levels of self-efficacy to quit, and recognizing more potential side-effects associated with using tobacco products. Conversely, the likelihood of quitting attempts were lower among dual tobacco users (relative to smokers) and those using tobacco at least daily (vs. less than daily). The hierarchical multivariable logistic regression model among those aware of ≥1 PBTP campaign message indicated quitting attempts were positively associated with recalling more of the campaign messages and discussing them with others. Conclusion. This national evaluation of pack-based GWLs and accompanying PBTP campaign within Bangladesh supports the efficacy of using synergized communication messages when introducing such labels. That quit attempts are more likely among those discussing PBTP campaign messages with others and recalling more PBTP campaign messages highlights the importance of ensuring message content is both memorable and engaging.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)879-887
Number of pages9
JournalHealth Education and Behavior
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2018


  • Bangladesh
  • graphic warning labels
  • low- and middle-income countries
  • pictorial tobacco warnings
  • quit attempt
  • smokeless tobacco
  • smoking
  • social behavior change communication

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