Preaching the body politic: John of Wales and Franciscan political thought in the late thirteenth century

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This chapter explores how John of Wales, OFM, integrated extensive citation from the De XII abusiuis saeculi with Stoic thought in the tradition of John of Salisbury to generate a new vision of the Christian body politic in his popular manual for preachers, the Communiloquium. Unusually, he prioritized the twelfth abuse, a people without law, rediscovering the original social emphasis of the Twelve Abuses. John probably encountered the Twelve Abuses in the context of the baronial rebellion in mid-thirteenth century England, but used it to encourage guided conversation as a means of promoting moral and socio-political reform, rather than advocating violence. The popularity of his Communiloquium may have promoted wider acquaintance with the Twelve Abuses in the later Middle Ages.
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Title of host publicationAddressing Injustice in the Medieval Body Politic
EditorsConstant J. Mews, Kathleen Neal
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  • Medieval history
  • Religion and society
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  • Justice
  • Virtue ethics
  • Political history

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