Polymer capsules for plaque-targeted in vivo delivery (Adv. Mater, (2016), 28, (7703-7707), 10.1002/adma.201601754): Erratum

Joseph J. Richardson, Mei Y. Choy, Junling Guo, Kang Liang, Karen Alt, Yuan Ping, Jiwei Cui, Lok S. Law, Christoph E. Hagemeyer, Frank Caruso

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In the originally published article, the authors omitted to add the use of a second targeting ligand (single-chain antibody, scFv, against activated platelets), and the following changes are required to address this. The arguments and conclusions of the original Communication are not affected. The caption of Figure 4 “T-peptide-conjugated PDPA-HIS capsules” should read“single-chain antibody-conjugated PDPA-HIS capsules”. In the figure the word “sequence” should be disregarded. On page 3, paragraph 3 of the article, the following changes are required: (i) The text “and control PDPA-HIS capsules with a randomized sequence (GLGYGWS)” should be changed to “and control PDPA-HIS capsules without the scFv”. (ii) “The T-peptide functionalized capsules could accumulate specifi cally at sites with an abundance of MMP2 degraded collagen IV, such as plaques.” should read “scFv-functionalized capsules could accumulate specifi cally in the plaque.” (iii) “The increased accumulation of the capsules in the liver compared to the kidneys suggests higher MMP2 activity in the liver that could present more binding sites for the T-peptide” should read “The increased accumulation of the capsules in the liver compared to the kidneys suggests higher infl ammation-related platelet presence in the liver”. On page 4, paragraph 1 of the article, the text “These specialized macrophages produce MMP2 and create more binding sites of collagen IV in the liver. Another possible reason is that the MMP2 mediated cleavage of the ACPP attached to the capsules promotes entry of the capsule into hepatocytes.” should be disregarded. In the conclusion, the sentence “Finally, the capsules were functionalized with a targeting peptide” should read “Finally, the capsules were functionalized with a targeting peptide or scFv”. In the Experimental Section under Plaque-Targeting Experiments, “200 μL of the T-peptide-conjugated PDPA-HIS capsules or random sequence-conjugated control PDPA-HIS capsules” should read “200 μL of the scFv-conjugated PDPA-HIS capsules or control PDPA-HIS capsules”. The authors apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7820
Number of pages1
JournalAdvanced Materials
Issue number36
Publication statusPublished - 28 Sep 2016

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