Policy analysis in sub-national governments

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It seems that a consensus has developed among scholars of public policy that not enough research has been conducted on policy analysis at the sub-national level (Bernier & Howlett, 2012; Howlett & Newman, 2010; Jennings & Hall, 2012; McArthur, 2007; Phillimore & Arklay, 2015; Veselý, Wellstead & Evans, 2014). Paradoxically, this slow development of research into sub-national policy analysis has coincided with a growing interest among scholars and practitioners in policy analysis in general and especially in evidence-based policy (Head, 2013; Legrand, 2012; Newman, Cherney & Head, 2016; Sanderson, 2011; Tseng & Nutley, 2014). It is possible, though unfortunate, that states and provinces and other subordinate units of government might be seen by some as being inferior to, and therefore less interesting than, national governments (McArthur, 2007).
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