Pd-ZIF-L-GO ternary nanolaminates for enhanced heterogeneous catalysis

Hong Jiang, Na Zhou, Ze Xian Low, Yefei Liu, Weihong Xing, Huanting Wang, Rizhi Chen

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A novel sheet-on-sheet Pd-ZIF/GO (Pd/ZG) catalyst is synthesized by constructing ZIF-L with GO and PVP-Pd nanoparticles (NPs) via a facile in situ method. The in situ introduction of GO promotes the formation of ZIF-L, leading to a higher yield of Pd/ZG, about three times higher than Pd/ZIF-L. We ascribe this to the possible interaction of the oxygen-containing groups on the GO surface with the Zn2+ cations in ZIF nodes and the PVP wrapped on the Pd surface, resulting in the formation of sheet-on-sheet Pd-ZIF/GO with good Pd dispersion. The Pd/ZG shows superior catalytic performance in the reduction of nitroarenes, and its turnover frequency (TOF) value is five times higher than Pd/ZIF-L. The superior catalytic activity can be ascribed to the uniformly dispersed tiny Pd NPs between ZIF-L and GO nanosheets, fast mass transfer in porous structure, and excellent electron conductivity due to strong interactions among ZIF-L, GO and PVP-Pd. These findings provide new opportunities for rational design of catalysts and their applications in the reduction of nitroarenes, important processes for industrial synthesis of pesticides, dyes, medicines, etc.

Original languageEnglish
Article number015001
Number of pages13
Journal2D Materials
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2020


  • graphene oxide
  • nanolaminates
  • nitroarenes
  • Pd nanoparticles
  • ZIF-L

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