Pathogenesis of Sjogren's

Ian R Mackay

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Afflicting one in seventy Americans, Sjogren s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that commonly causes dryness of the eyes, mouth, and nose, and that can lead to complications including profound fatigue, depression, and lymphoma. While there is no cure for Sjogren s, much can be done to alleviate the suffering of patients. This extensively revised handbook offers everything you need to know to cope with this disease. The Sjogren s Book, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive and authoritative guide, produced by the Sjogren s Syndrome Foundation and its medical advisors and edited by physician Daniel J. Wallace, a leading authority on autoimmune disorders. This expanded edition provides readers with the best medical and practical information on this disorder, bringing together the current thinking about Sjogren s in an easily readable and understandable book, with an entirely new section on lifestyle issues aimed at improving the quality of life for Sjogren s sufferers. With more than thirty chapters written by leading experts, the handbook illuminates the major clinical aspects of the syndrome and is loaded with practical tips and advice. Indeed, it offers a wide-ranging look at the many faces of Sjogren s, covering diagnosis, the various organ systems that can be affected, the possible psychological problems, and the many treatment options, as well as a concluding chapter listing the web, print, and media resources available. It is a valuable aid that patients can use while discussing their illness with their physician and an excellent resource for family members. And because Sjogren s is greatly underdiagnosed, this handbook is a particularly valuable resource for healthcare professionals. Recognized as the bible for Sjogren s suffers, this reliable and informative guide is the first place for patients to look when they have questions about this little known but serious chronic disease.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Sjogren's Book
EditorsDaniel J Wallace
Place of PublicationUK
PublisherOxford University Press
Pages17 - 30
Number of pages14
ISBN (Print)9780199737222
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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