On the development of sport and masculinities research: feminism as a discourse of inspiration and theoretical legitimation

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This chapter traces the historic and contemporary influence of feminist scholarship within research pertaining to the critical study of sport, masculinities and gender relations. The first section illustrates how feminist theorizing provides impetus for recognizing males as gendered beings, for understanding masculinity as a relational concept tied to the workings of power, and for highlighting the intimate connections between genders, bodies, sexualities and associated performances. The second section provides an overview of how particular theoretical perspectives (e.g., psychoanalytic approaches, sex-role theorizing, hegemonic masculinities, Bourdieuian and Foucauldian theorizing, and the concept of inclusive masculinities) have been drawn upon by sport and masculinity scholars and how feminist theorizing has worked to legitimate or problematize the use of these theories. The chapter concludes by suggesting that feminist ideals articulate with a sense of social justice and that this powerful articulation has, in part, acted to legitimate the prominence of feminism in the development of sport and masculinity scholarship.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Palgrave Handbook of Feminism and Sport, Leisure and Physical Education
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