Multisensory Proteins - Making Proteins Accessible through Art

Erica Tandori, Stu Favilla

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Techniques such as X ray crystallography and microscopes have enabled us to see protein structures and interactions that are invisible to the naked eye. However. for people with Low Vision or Blindness, even these powerful tools are not enough. For them, the world of molecular biology remains out of sight and out of reach, contributing to a poor representation of blind and low vision students amongst STEM cohorts at university level, and far too few career opportunities within science generally.

Although innovative projects such as NASA’s 3D Tactile Hubble images and WonderDome UK, are enabling people with vision disability to understand astronomy, there is very little available to make molecular biology more accessible. How can the micro-molecular world of viruses and proteins be better communicated to a blind and low vision audience?

Through our research into accessibility for diverse needs audiences, we are exploring new ways to make molecular biology accessible, equitable and inclusive for all through exhibitions and outreach programs. This poster-presentation reports on three years of projects utilizing multi-sensory approaches, including; tactile artworks, multisensory interactions, Arduino LED, data projection, novel video displays, ASMR audio design, and AI, that enable people to touch, feel, smell, hear and interact with proteins big enough to hold or even climb inside!

Our presentation includes explorations of multisensory proteins, molecules, viruses and microbes that are accessible to Low Vision, Blind, Hearing Impaired, Diverse Needs individuals and audiences of all ages and abilities alike.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 7 Jul 2021
EventThe Protein Society Annual Symposium 2021 - virtual, Washington , United States of America
Duration: 7 Jul 202114 Jul 2021
Conference number: 35th


ConferenceThe Protein Society Annual Symposium 2021
Country/TerritoryUnited States of America
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