Multi-criteria optimisation of fermentative and solar-driven electrolytic hydrogen and electricity supply-demand network with hybrid storage system

Qi Hao Goh, Yoke Kin Wan, Yong Kuen Ho, Jully Tan, Irene Mei Leng Chew

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Harnessing renewable resources such as solar energy and biogenic waste for hydrogen production offers a path toward a carbon-neutral industrial economy. This study suggests the development of a renewable-based hydrogen and power supply facility (HPSF) that relies on fermentation and solar-driven electrolysis technologies to achieve penetration of renewable hydrogen and electricity in the industrial symbiosis. Literature studies reported that the hybrid battery-hydrogen storage system could effectively improve the sustainability and reliability of renewable energy supplies, yet its application under diurnal and seasonal renewable resource variations has not been well studied. Hence, this work develops a multi-criteria optimisation framework for the configuration design of the proposed HPSF that concurrently targets industrial hydrogen and electrical loads with the consideration of diurnal and seasonal renewable resource variations. Case scenarios with different storage applications are presented to evaluate the role of storage in improving economic and environmental sustainability. The results show that the application of hybrid storage with molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) systems is preferred from a comprehensive sustainability standpoint, which improves the sustainability-weighted return-on-investment metric (SWROIM) score by 4%/yr compared to HPSF without storage application. On the other hand, the application of a single-battery system is the most economical solution with a return on investment (ROI) of 0.7%/yr higher than the hybrid storage approach. The research outcome could provide insights into the integration of fermentative and solar-driven electrolytic hydrogen production technologies into the industrial symbiosis to further enhance a sustainable economy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number113341
Number of pages19
JournalRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2023


  • Biowaste fermentation
  • Hybrid storage systems
  • Hydrogen integration
  • Multi-criteria optimisation
  • Solar-powered electrolysis

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