I am very proud to present the Inaugural Monash Clinical Registries Portfolio 2016. This Portfolio is designed to provide an overview of the clinical registries currently operating at Monash University within the Monash Clinical Registries Program.
It is a very exciting time to be involved in the development and ongoing evolution of clinical registries in Australia. Monitoring variation in healthcare is known to support best practice and improve quality of care. However, challenges exist in developing and accessing appropriate data sets on which to undertake clinical quality benchmarking. Clinical registries are increasingly recognised as credible, effective and feasible tools to measure variation and drive quality improvement at the national and jurisdictional health system levels.
Clinical Quality Registries:
– are designed to collect clinically relevant data about episodes of care and its outcomes
– collect data systematically using standard procedures and definitions across multiple institutions
– routinely measure outcomes following discharge at a time when the impact of any intervention or treatment and the extent of recovery can be judged
– are more likely to influence clinical practice because clinical leadership participates in design and ongoing oversight, and the data has greater granularity and reliability.
The Monash Clinical Registries Program now boasts 22 registries managed in-house as well as ‘external’ registries supported by our information technology capability. Clinical registry participation is now seen as a valuable tool for health service accreditation and clinician professional development.
The Monash Clinical Registries Program would not be possible without the hard work, patience and commitment of our Registry Clinical Leaders, Steering and other Committee Members, registry staff, health service staff and clinicians. If you would like further information regarding Monash’s Registry Program, please contact the Registry Sciences Unit or the individual registry contacts.
Best wishes
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