Molecular patterns of response and treatment failure after frontline venetoclax combinations in older patients with AML

C. D. DiNardo, I. S. Tiong, A. Quaglieri, S. MacRaild, S. Loghavi, F. C. Brown, R. Thijssen, G. Pomilio, A. Ivey, J. M. Salmon, C. Glytsou, S. A. Fleming, Q. Zhang, H. Ma, K. P. Patel, S. M. Kornblau, Z. Xu, C. C. Chua, Xufeng Chen, P. BlomberyC. Flensburg, N. Cummings, I. Aifantis, H. Kantarjian, D. C.S. Huang, A. W. Roberts, I. J. Majewski, M. Konopleva, A. H. Wei

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

167 Citations (Scopus)

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