Medicines Management: A Guide for Nurses

Philip Jevon, Elizabeth Payne, Dan Higgins, Ruth Endacott

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The safe and effective management of medicines is an essential clinical skill, accounting for up to 40% of a nurse's time within practice. Medicines Management provides nurses with a clear, concise and practical exploration of their role in pharmacology and medicines management. It explains what is meant by medicines management, discusses the current professional and legal context, and gives insight into the reasons why mistakes are made. Focusing predominantly on the principles of safe drug administration, this pocket-sized text also explores legal and professional issues, medication errors, administration of oral medication, injections, and intravenous fluids and medicines, medication management in children, and basic pharmacology of common medications. In the Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses series. Case studies and examples provided throughout. Focuses on safe medicines management in day-to-day clinical practice. Appendices with a glossary of terms and a list of abbreviations (Latin and English), and units of measurement. Includes a chapter on paediatric considerations.

Original languageEnglish
ISBN (Print)9781405181631
Publication statusPublished - 10 Mar 2010
Externally publishedYes

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