Measurement of J/ψ and ψ(2S) Prompt Double-Differential Cross Sections in pp Collisions at √s = 7 TeV

CMS Collaboration

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The double-differential cross sections of promptly produced J/ψ and ψ(2S) mesons are measured in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV, as a function of transverse momentum pT and absolute rapidity |y|. The analysis uses J/ψ and ψ(2S) dimuon samples collected by the CMS experiment, corresponding to integrated luminosities of 4.55 and 4.90 fb−1, respectively. The results are based on a two-dimensional analysis of the dimuon invariant mass and decay length, and extend to pT = 120 and 100 GeV for the J/ψ and ψ(2S), respectively, when integrated over the interval |y| < 1.2. The ratio of the ψ(2S) to J/ψ cross sections is also reported for |y| < 1.2, over the range 10 < pT < 100 GeV. These are the highest pT values for which the cross sections and ratio have been measured.
Original languageEnglish
Article number191802
Number of pages16
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number19
Publication statusPublished - 2015
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  • Production
  • Nonrelativistic QCD
  • Collisions

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