Management of bone disease in women after breast cancer

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Breast cancer and osteoporosis are common conditions affecting women, particularly following menopause. With increasing breast cancer incidence, effects of therapies and decreasing mortality, issues relating to the preservation of bone health with breast cancer therapy have become a priority. Contributing factors to bone loss and fractures in women with breast cancer include tumor effects, estrogen deprivation secondary to breast cancer therapies (chemotherapy, ovarian ablation or aromatase inhibitors), natural menopause and secondary causes of bone loss, typically from concurrently prescribed medications. Management of osteoporosis and other survivorship care is complex, and a multi-disciplinary approach is recommended with assessment of risk factors for bone loss, optimization of bone health through lifestyle approaches and pharmacological interventions based on evidence-based algorithms. This review examines the pathophysiology of bone loss and gives guidelines for the management of bone disease in women with breast cancer.
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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