Limited naturally occurring escape in broadly neutralizing antibody epitopes in hepatitis C glycoprotein E2 and constrained sequence usage in acute infection

Chaturaka Rodrigo, Melanie R. Walker, Preston Leung, Auda A. Eltahla, Jason Grebely, Gregory J. Dore, Tanya Applegate, Kimberly Page, Sunita Dwivedi, Julie Bruneau, Meghan D. Morris, Andrea L. Cox, William Osburn, Arthur Y. Kim, Janke Schinkel, Naglaa H. Shoukry, Georg M. Lauer, Lisa Maher, Margaret Hellard, Maria PrinsFabio Luciani, Andrew R. Lloyd, Rowena A. Bull

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

8 Citations (Scopus)

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