Language endangerment

Simon Musgrave

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Language endangerment has only become a concern of linguists relatively recently. A handful of important articles were published before 1975 (Swadesh 1948; Fishman 1964; Haas 1968; Miller 1971) but they were unusual. In 1977 the International Journal of the Sociology of Language published a volume dedicated to language death which included articles by several scholars who would be central in the development of research in the fi eld such as Nancy Dorian and Jane Hill (Dorian 1977; Hill and Hill 1977). Two important monographs appeared shortly after this (Dorian 1981; Gal 1979) which both raised theoretical issues in the context of a particular linguistic situation (a Scots Gaelic variety for Dorian and the shift from Hungarian to German in part of Austria for Gal). The following decade saw important new research continue to appear (e.g. Dorian 1989), but 1992 is the year which sees the start of a large increase in the amount of attention given to the topic.
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