Investigation of brown coal char-CO2 gasification in a laboratory scale drop tube furnace

Md Saiful Alam, Kazi Bayzid Kabir, Agung Tri Wijayanta, Koichi Nakaso, Jun Fukai, Sankar Bhattacharya

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This paper provides detailed investigation of Victorian brown coal char gasification in laboratory scale drop tube furnace (DTF) under CO 2/N2 mixtures. The DTF is a 2.0 m long quartz reactor consisting of two concentric tubes (diameters 50 mm and 80 mm). Morwell coal char with diameter of <106μm (mean value = 50μm) is used for this investigation. This char sample was prepared in a tubular furnace under pure N2 at 823K. The char is gasified under CO2/N2 atmosphere at temperatures of 1173 and 1273K. The gas compositions from char gasification in the DTF are measured on-line using micro gas chromatography (GC). The results show that char conversion and CO concentration increases with increasing the inlet gas temperature. At 1273K, CO concentration increases due to increased rate of the char-CO2 reaction. A 3D comprehensive numerical modeling is employed to investigate the char-CO2 gasification process under various operating conditions. The calculated results are compared with experiments at two different temperatures of 1173 and 1273K using at 20 vol. % CO2 /N2 mixtures. The comparisons show a good agreement confirming the validity of the current model. We predict carbon conversion from char-CO2 gasification for various char particle sizes at elevated gas temperature (>1273K). The temperature distribution in the furnace is found to be uniform under current operating conditions. It is also found that the char conversion significantly depend on the inlet gas temperature and particle size.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSustainable Engineering Forum: Core Programming Topic at the 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting
Subtitle of host publicationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 28 October - 2 November 2012 [proceedings]
Place of PublicationNew York, NY
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Publication statusPublished - 2012
EventAIChE Annual Meeting 2012 - Pittsburgh, United States of America
Duration: 28 Oct 20122 Nov 2012


ConferenceAIChE Annual Meeting 2012
Abbreviated titleAIChE 2012
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  • Char conversion
  • Char-CO2 gasification
  • CO2 reduction

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